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Coconut Daiquiri at Rum and Cigar Bar Hallelujah


How do you spend your weekday nights?
Today we introduce cocktails.
…..”Coconut Daiquiri”
This cocktail with sweet dark rum,
Sweet coconut cream and sweet and
Sour lime juice.
A little strong but pretty good and easy
To drink.
Please try it when you come to
“Rum and Cigar Bar Hallelujah”
Open today until 20:00pm-03:00am.
See you again at Bar Hallelujah.
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Ron Zacapa centenario X.O and Cigars Punch at “Rum and Cigar Bar Hallelujah”


Hello guy’s✌︎
Tonight, “Rum and Cigar Bar Hallelujah”
in Okinawa City’s open from 20:00pm-03:00am.
Let’s toast with us with the best
cigars and rum on a weekday evening.

On such a weekday night, we have
the best Rum and Cigars
we want to introduce to you!!!
…..Ron Zacapa Centenario X.O

Among Ron zacapa’s Rum, this
Rum is the best masterpiece made
by blending raw sake aged in white
oak barrels for over 25 years.
Rum is known as the finest Rum
because of its beautiful amber
sound and mellow aroma.
It is a rum that perfectly
balances sweetness, spicyness
and fruity, and is surprisingly
perfect.This is also
a recommended delicious rum
that you should drink at least once.
….. Punch Punch(Cabinet)

Speaking of punch,
you can’t talk about punch
without punch.It’s a necessity of
our humidor.This corona gorda’s
medium to full body with a cider,
wood, cream and nut flavor.
With a little ripening, a mature
sweetness comes out occasionally
as a second or third flavor.
That maybe why some people
rate punch’s as sweet and others
do not.

So today we offer our customers
a nice cigars,Rum and cocktails.
See you at “Rum and Cigar Bar Hallelujah”.
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Hello guy’s ✌︎
Of course we are still open today until
Come and enjoy the cigars,rum and
Cocktails if you like.
Today we will introduce you the best
Cigars and Rum.
Use only sugarcane.aged in oak barrels
For 7 years.Soft and easy to drink.
Rum from Spain that can be used for
Cocktails,and can be drunk straight or
On the rocks.

Cuban cigar.
A gem that even beginners can enjoy.
A sweet flavor with Romeo-like scent
of wood and earth,plus herbal scent.
Light taste that even beginners
can enjoy.
Increasingly,the flavor and spiciness
also add.
Convenient to carry because it is contained in
an aluminum tube.
One of the long-established brands
with a long history.
Medium bodied It is characterized by a full
body deep flavor.
It is also famous as a favorite cigar by politician
Winston Charcha.
Thank you for reading it until the
Very end.
See you at “Rum and Cigar Bar Hallelujah”
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#okinawa #japan

Introducing the Wonderful Rum and Cigar


Today We will introduce a few of
The best Rum and Cigars.
Rum on the left.↓
…..Dos Maderas 5+5
Spanish means two barrels.
Flavorful Rum aged in two
Caribbean regions, Guyana and
・The second Rum from the left.↓
…..Rum Anejo AREHUCAS
Rum from Gran Canaria,Spain.
Mellow,elegant and special flavor.
Rum with a deep aroma and flavor
that can be enjoyed with cigars.
・The third Rum from the left.↓
Rum from Jamaica.
This Rum is a blend that can be used for cocktails or for drinking straight.
・Rum on the right↓
…..J.BALLY 12
Rum from Martinique,France.
Rum aged for 12 years in bourbon barrels with specially scorched
inside.Now packed in a pyramid bottle that has become
synonymous with J.BALLY.
Rum with nutmeg,cocoa,and
Then a cigar.↓
…..Cohiba Siglo Ⅱ
This cigar is from Cuba.
We think it is the world’s number
one Peticorona.
Because this cigar feels like a cigar
with richness and complex flavors.
The taste is full of coffee,leather and earthy flavors,perfect

Then,us still open today from 20:00 to 03:00.
Come and smoke a Cuban cigar with a nice Rum.

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